Disinfecting Services

Let us disinfect your property.

Professional Disinfection of Your Property

Disinfection is Quad City Carpet Care’s newest service. We offer complete disinfection of entire homes, offices, or partial rooms. Book our expert team of cleaners to clean your property, and rest assured that you will not be disappointed with the results.

disinfecting services - QC Carpet Care

Our Method

Our team uses an electrostatic disinfecting system called the Clorox® 360. This system is more efficient at making sure every surface is covered by the disinfectant compared to traditional systems. It also provides more uniform disinfection and intense cleaning.


If you request disinfection for an entire home or office, we charge per square foot. In the case of single rooms and offices, we charge a minimum of $99 or the price per square foot, whichever is greater.

Payment Methods

We accept payment through cash, checks, and all major credit cards. However, service fees may apply to payments done through credit cards. Payment is requested at a job’s moment of completion unless other arrangements have been made prior.

Customer Testimonials

We have already served multiple clients around the Quad City areas. Read about their experience with Quad City Carpet Care below.

“The team at QC Carpet Care are awesome! I needed to get cat smells and stains (pictures below are the before and after) out of my basement carpets, they definitely exceeded what I was expecting the results to be. They responded to my message quickly and I thought I would have to wait for an appointment but they came within two days. If you’re looking for a cleaning service that offers real results and service that goes above and beyond, go with QC Carpet Care, period.”

– Kyle R.

“Quad City Carpet Care was Great. They arrived on time, explained the whole cleaning process. We were very comfortable with them in our home. We will definitely be calling QC Carpet Care again.”

– Scott I.

“Quad City Carpet Care was fantastic. They took the time to answer all my questions. They even removed a stain that other companies were not able to. Quad City Carpet Care is the company to call. We have their magnet right on the refrigerator.”

– Shirley S.