Providing a safe and clean environment either at home or the workplace has become a priority in today’s world. No longer is clean good enough. Now you need to go that extra step and disinfect.

What is disinfecting? The act of disinfecting is using a specialized cleaning technique that destroys or prevents the growth of organisms capable of infecting or causing infections, terminal disinfection, disinfection of a sick room and its contents at the termination of a disease.

What is a disinfectant? The function of a disinfectant is to remove the unwanted particles (microorganisms like viruses and bacteria) from water or hard or soft surfaces and make them clean. Disinfectants are specialized agents that destroy viruses and bacteria.

Why should I disinfect my home or office? Disinfecting your home or office with cleaning agents that are safe and approved by the EPA, will help reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria that are harmful to family members, employees, guests and customers.

How do we disinfect? Quad City Carpet Care has invested in the latest technology for advanced cleaning and disinfecting. We use the 360 Electrostatic Cleaning system designed and built by the makers of Clorox®.  The Electrostatic cleaning system electrically charges the particles in the disinfectant so the disinfectant bonds to surfaces and completely gives coverage to the intended area. 360 degrees of coverage. 

No other company provides this level of clean: Quad City Carpet Care uses EPA approved cleaning agents that are safe for household and commercial use. Residents, employees, guests and customers can enter the disinfected areas as soon as 5 minutes after the disinfection process. There is no residue and no need to wipe down surfaces or vacuum floors or furniture. It is safe for pets as well.

The disinfectants used by Quad City Carpet Care are eligible for use against SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes COVID 19, as well as 44 organisms such as cold and Flu viruses (Influenza A & B), SARS, MRSA, Staph, Norovirus and many others. Please feel free to call with any question or concern.

Quad City Carpet Care has been providing the best cleaning in the area since 1999. We care about our community, and we have invested to make sure we continue to provide the best in cleaning to keep you, your family, your employees and everyone as safe as possible.